A MOB és a MPB stratégiai partnere

Public Opinion Poll

In the following we disclose questions featured on the questionnaire and the distribution of answers, represented as a percentage of the total number of respondents.

Distributions are shown as a ratio of all respondents, in other words everywhere we indicate the percentage rate of “not sure” answers as well as the percentage rate of cases when no answer was returned for whatever reason. It should be noted however that we had to ask certain questions only from a certain group of respondents. We specifically indicate this circumstance wherever it is applicable. In these cases the percentage rates disclosed are to be interpreted in relation to the specific group of respondents concerned.

Due to rounding, percentage amounts can different from 100. When no one chose a certain answer that was offered, you will see a "-" symbol where you would normally find data. On the other hand, if less than 0.5% of respondents chose a certain answer, we marked this answer frequency as "0".


Date of the survey: 15-21 June, 2010.

Number of respondents: 2000

Survey method: telephone interview.

Respondents are a representative sample of the 18+ adult population of Hungary.


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