A MOB és a MPB stratégiai partnere


Founded in 2005, the Budapest Olympics Movement (BOM) set a new course in 2012 to achieve the same goal.

After the financial and economic crises that hit the world in 2009 and which escalated into a euro-zone crises in 2011, BOM has reviewed its former strategy on staging the Budapest Olympics and decided to focus its historically accumulated know-how, experience and resources on supporting the Hungarian olympic sport, until the economy finds its way back to a sustainable growth trajectory that would enable the realization of Hungary’s big dream, which happened in 2015. 

Looking back on an over 100-year-old tradition of outstanding Hungarian Olympic successes is definitely an element, if not the most important one in the argumentation supporting Budapest’s bid to host the Olympics. It is one more reason why it is so important to build on our results achieved in London and to continue to be successful in Rio de Janeiro and beyond. In line with this, the NGO was transformed into a foundation by 2013 in order to facilitate the achievement of traditionally outstanding Hungarian results across the games symbolised by the five interlaced rings, by supporting the Olympic preparation of Hungarian athletes, and thereby to indirectly promote the success of Budapest’s future bid for hosting the Olympics. As the first step, the foundation which was founded with a registered capital of 35 million HUF at Sándor Nyúl’s, Krisztián Dr. Kulcsár’s and Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy’s initiative, announced a scholarship programme for members of the Olympic team pursuing undergraduate or vocational studies alongside their sports careers.

The BOM Foundation For Hungarian Sport was founded and is operated by the BOM, business owners and stakeholders from the Hungarian sport as well as private individuals for the purpose of supporting the preparation of Hungarian olympians for taking part in future Olympics by mobilising the financial resources within the Foundation’s reach. It is the organisation’s long-term objective to continue bolstering Hungary’s bid for hosting the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, to be advanced at a suitable point in time, by facilitating the most successful possible Olympic performance of our athletes.

The BOM Foundation For Hungarian Sport is hopeful that BOM’s perseverance and past hard work will also guarantee the long term success of the scholarship programme, making the Foundation an attractive partner for all private sector stakeholders who like the idea of supporting education and sports at the same time in the hope of nurturing even more Hungarian Olympic successes.